Why Working with a Small Firm is Better

Have you ever dealt with a "big" law firm? We have. In our experience, it can feel like being a very small cog in someone else's machine.

We have seen lawyers and professionals of all kinds who don't respond to emails in a timely manner (or at all).  We have also been on the receiving end of huge delays. Often times you find out there was no reason for the delay - your case was just at the 'bottom of the pile'.

Sometimes you can't even speak with the lawyer on your case. At the very least, this is poor customer service. We don't think law firms should work this way.

We are a boutique firm with two lawyers - both are owners of the firm. This means when you come in to meet one of our lawyers, you are meeting an owner of the business.

We take pride in being a small firm. We think there is value in meeting the owner when you walk through the door. We strive to be accountable to our clients, pay attention to detail, listen to your concerns and respond to you. If we don't know the answer, we will do our best to find it for you.

We can never promise how or when a legal problem will resolve - it can be unpredictable, that's just the nature of the law - but we can promise to do our best to provide excellent customer service.

You should never feel like your matter is forgotten or unimportant. We think we can do better - and make you feel like an individual, not a file number.

Your business matters to us.