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Estate Planning

Preparing an estate plan is critical to ensure your assets and family are protected in the event of your death or inability to make decisions for yourself. Having a properly drawn and executed Will is crucial to ensuring the proper distribution of your assets at death. It is also essential to continue to review and update your Will, to ensure that your estate plan still meets your needs. Powers of Attorney are crucial to ensure that your trusted person has been properly appointed to make decisions in the event of your absence or inability to make decisions. 

Many people put off the drafting of estate documents, until it is too late. Often, the result of a poorly planned estate is that your care, and your property, will not be distributed as you had wished. Our lawyers will review with you the estate plan you envision and advise you carefully as to any possible considerations. You will have confidence in knowing that your Powers of Attorney for property and personal care are there to protect you in life, and that in death, your estate you worked so hard for, will be distributed according to your wishes.

Estate Administration 

If you are facing the recent death of a loved one, we know how hard this time can be. If you have been appointed a trustee, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the burden of these responsibilities, when you are also dealing with grief. We will take the time needed to ensure you understand the terms of the Will, and assist the trustees in administering the estate. Our goal is to assist in making the administration of the estate easier for you, in this difficult time.